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Welcome to WordPress. This is the first post of this blog, installed today 19 November 2018 in Port Moresby, the capital city Papua New Guinea, the biggest capital city of Melanesia.

I am Wewo Kotokay, as a result of recent discussions with various netrepreurs in Port Moresby, I am launching this blog particularly to

  1. Spread the news and information on Walk-4-Life launched by the Honourable Powes Parkop, the Governor of National Capital District (NCD) Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
  2. Encourage the practice/ walk for life across Melanesian peoples, start from the Four-Kings Islands of West Papua to Wallis-Futuna Islands on the easternmost part.

Through this blog, I invite all of you to participate in spreading the information, and inject the virus of “healthy life” by “walking”,and yes, “just by walking”.

We Melanesians remember well, our parents in villages live much longer, much healthier, much stronger, not because they eat modern rice, bread, butter and vegetables, not because hamburger and Kentucky Friends Chicken, but primarily because “They WALK”, and they do so ALL THE TIME.

I am encouraging all of you to set up “Walk for LIfe” in the following cities

  1. Walk-4-Life Port Numbay
  2. Walk-4-Life Port Moresby
  3. Walk-4-Life Port Vila
  4. Walk-4-Life Suva
  5. Walk-4-Life Noumea
  6. Walk-4-Life Honiara

Finally we will celebrate in a big events across Melanesia called “Walk-4-Life Melanesia”



  • This blog is my MELANEISA.ONE Project. I want all of us Melanesians look at us ourselves, self-identify ourselves, know ourselves, self-develop ourselves, by setting aside our habit of "mimicking" the West and hating the East, avoiding ourselves declaring as Christians and therefore automatically we are western allies, forgetting that Jesus and Christianity and Westerners are not the same at all.
  • MELANESIA.ONE project is a way to "decolonize" and "deconstruct" our paradigm and mindset about ourselves, and therefore to see the world around us according to our true and real eyes.
  • Thus, MELANESIA.ONE project is way to respect ourselves, and then develop ourselves, not in reaction or response to or follow up of anyone or anything, but because WE Melanesians want and like to do whatever we want to do.
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