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WALK for life Port Moresby has now been recognised by the International Olympic Committee

WALK for life Port Moresby has now been recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and has asked NCD Governor Powes Parkop to endorse its bid for a program called the active city program.

“The Active City Program is being coordinated and submitted through the PNG Olympic Committee and we will submit the bid ASAP! It is in recognition for the role walk for life contributes to fitness, health and wellness to our city residents and how it also mobilises them, and these values that walk for life promotes are in line with values and virtues promoted by the IOC,” said Mr Parkop.

When making this announcement yesterday at the Ela Beach amphitheater during the Youth United Rhythms Extravaganza – a pre-Christmas show featuring young talent, the Governor also said that some funding of fifty thousand kina, a pledge, from the National Gaming Board would also enhance the walk for life drive in 2016 in which bush tracking walks of places such a third Kokoda Trail Walk (for walk for life), a feat of Mount Michael in the Eastern Highlands Province and Mount Wilhelm in the Chimbu province are also part of the 2016 schedule.

He said that the recent walk in Manus was 34 kilometers from the South to the North and in 2016 it will be from the North to the South. According to the Governor, these walks not only improve fitness and health but also provides so many opportunities.As per the World Health Organization survey, if one walks 30 mins each week they live longer.The United Nations in which 179 countries are affiliated to, also say that yoga is a holistic way of life program.

“I have huge plans for 2016. These life changing programs like walk for life, yoga, the ongoing infrastructure road developments are all part of changing the mindset and image of our city. Also this week on Tuesday, 8th December, 2015 (tomorrow) I will be introducing music classes,” said Mr Parkop.“Living healthy is most paramount. We need to change our lifestyle and set a good foundation. The biggest killer in PNG is lifestyle disease. There are not many old people these days because people are now dying young. We need to change our lifestyle and live longer and make sure our children have a strong foundation for the future. When our children see us practicing a healthy lifestyle that we live,we will be a better nation in the future. We need to reaffirm the message and take action to address the problem,” said the Governor.

He added that also in 2016, the walk for life program would also introduce a loyalty package, meaning that whoever participates the most would receive a reward, maybe a free health check or a tracking trip package around the country to loyal walkers who dedicate themselves in staying fit and healthy.“I really want our city to change and apart from these healthy programs I am also pushing for settlements and villages within NCD to be upgraded to suburbs. They must have all amenities. They must receive allotments and be sensationalized and receive land titles, because once we empower our people in the settlements and villages in this way they start feeling good about themselves and build new houses and buy new cars and work hard, live healthy and then the society will change,” said Mr Parkop.

Source: https://www.facebook.com